Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hispanics Breaking for Obama?

This is potentially huge. I've always suspected that Obama's support among Hispanics would be very soft at best, especially given McCain's history with this demographic and his conscientious wooing of the Hispanic vote. This poll is just a snapshot, but in conjunction with other data I've seen, and especially given Obama's performance with Hispanics during the primaries, this could speall real heartache for McCain.

Obama Rocks--World Tour 08

I've been off the blog for a few weeks--a very busy time indeed. I got funded for a project to investigate combination therapy for stroke (yes! at last!), and I'm working with my colleagues to launch it. And I'm busy trying to get a fellowship grant out the door, along with a new animal research protocol. Excuses, excuses, yes I know. But at least you can't say I'm not using my time well.

What to say about Obama's cruise through the Old World? This shot puts him in the CiC chair, next to Petraeus, looking like buddies.

Oh, and while he was doing photo-ops with the troops, Maliki endorsed his withdrawl plan, which led one political operative with ties to the McCain campaign to surmise: "we're fucked."

And this article, which must be giving McCain a bit of dyspepsia right now, just appeared in Time, which means it will be read in dens, kitchens, lavatories and waiting rooms from now to November.

Over at fivethirtyeight, the model has narrowed Obama's lead, although the polls are volatile and the simulation still shows him winning 58% of the time with 292 EVs. But I would look for a bounce after Obama's world tour. If it materializes, Obama can take some assurance that he's gone a long way to clearing the CiC bar for the presidency, which means he can probably walk right into the White House. If no post-world-tour bounce materializes, I think that's big trouble for Barack.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Goodbye, You Hateful Little Bag of Pus

I love Chris Hitchens, not because I always agree with him (I frequently do not), but because he is the most eloquent rabid dog on the planet.

For example, consider his contribution to world's newest political genre, the Jesse Helms Obituary. Compared to others working in this field, Hitchens is Shakespeare. His good-riddance obit is a veritable sonnet. Couldn't have said it better myself. Must reading.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Kanji Flashcards, Grade I

My first set of video flashcards for Japanese kanji. These are also available on my web page at, along with a lot of other Japanese language study materials.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good News for the Lab

Me and my colleagues, Drs Anthony Lagina and Jie Li, have been awarded a grant from the WSU Cardiovascular Research Institute to study combination therapy for focal ischemic stroke. It's a small award, but it will definitely help us launch a project we've long been itching today. This will be a preclinical study, and if the results are positive, it will easily translate into a clinical investigation with patients. We are psyched.

Will Powell Endorse Obama?

A delicious prospect, to say the least. Here's today's take on the possibility from NPR. Needless to say, whichever way Powell goes, it will be huge, and the fact that it's even possible that Powell would endorse Obama is also huge.